25th ICPR 2019 Chicago


ICPR25 is
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International Foundation for Product Research
International Foundation
for Product Research

Organized by
Missouri University of
Science and Technology
Professional and Continuing Education
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Tracks and Topics

Paper will be submitted in one of the tracks below.

General Tracks

Additive Manufacturing
Chair(s):  Frank Liou, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Gursel Suer, Ohio University (USA)
               Heng Pan,  Missouri S&T (USA)
               Chenhui Shao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)

  • AMP Materials Design and Microstructures
  • AMPs Education
  • Design Methods for AMPs
  • Innovative Additive Manufacturing Processes (AMPs)
  • Modeling of AMPs
  • Monitoring and Control of AMPs
  • Qualification of AMPs
  • Topology Optimization for AMPs

 Digital and Cyber Manufacturing
Chair(s):  Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Gursel Suer, Ohio University (USA)
               Dusan Sormaz, Ohio University (USA)

  • Adaptive Vehicle (Make (AVM) Tool Integration
  • AVM Technology Development
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Factory Infrastructure Cyber-Security Assessment
  • Human-Automation Interaction in Manufacturing and Production Systems
  • Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  • Model-Based Enterprise Data and Infrastructure
  • Models with Metrology Plug-and-Play Toolkit for Geometric-Adaptive Machining
  • Operating System for Cyber-Physical Manufacturing
  • Shop-Floor Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing
  • Smart Factory Visibility and Real-Time Optimization
  • Systems Design Using the Digital Thread
  • Virtually Guided Certification (AA)

Global Economy and Its Impact on Manufacturing Trend
Chair(s):  Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Gursel Suer, Ohio University (USA)
               Dusan Sormaz, Ohio University (USA)

  • Global Areements and Regional Alliances and its Impact on Manufacturing
  • The Effect of Economic Policies on Manufacturing Sector
  • The Future of Manufacturing Considering Global Economic Developments in Terms of Products, Manufacturing Technologies, Deman Profiles, Customer Expectations
  • The Global and Regional Trends in Wages and Pricing

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Chair(s):  Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Gursel Suer, Ohio University (USA)
               Dusan Sormaz, Ohio University (USA)

  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Algorithms for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Bio-Manufacturing
  • Data Analytics in Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Decision Support Systems for Manufacturing
  • Energy Management in Manufacturing
  • Management and Economics of Production Resources, Systems, and Processes
  • Remanufacturing
  • Sensor Deployment for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Strategies for Cyber Physical Systems

Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains
Chair(s):  Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T (USA)
               Gursel Suer, Ohio University (USA)

  • Cultural Challenges in Global Production Systems
  • Developing Intelligent Design and Control Systems
  • Educational Programs and Initiatives for Manufacturing Supply Networks
  • Hybrid Manufacturing System Design
  • Integration of Manufacturing System Design with Supply Chain/Network Design
  • Virtual Production and Supply Networks

Special Tracks

Additive Manufacturing with Multiple Materials and/or with Sensing Capabilities
Chair(s):  Ibrahim Tansel, Florida International University, USA

  • Additive Manufacturing with Conductive Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing with Multiple Materials 
  • Single Filament Additive Manufacturing with Sensing Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing of Superelastic Alloys and Metals
Chair(s):  Soheil Saedi, University of Arkansas Little Rock, USA

  • Microstructural Evaluation
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Superelastic Alloys

Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Chair(s):  Harry Pierson, University of Arkansas, USA

Al and Cyber Physical in Asia
Chair(s):  Athakorn Kengpol,  King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

  • Al and its Application for Aging Society
  • Computational Learning Hybrid Intelligent Systems
  • Intelligent System Architectures
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining in Manufacturing
  • Neurocomputer for Robotics and Autonomous Robot
  • Web Intelligent for Cyber Physical Manufacturing

Augmented and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing
Chair(s):  Herman Tang, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Cloud-based Manufacturing and Services
Chair(s):  Shimon Nof, Purdue University, USA
               Mohsen Moghaddam, Northeastern University USA

  • Collaborative Control Theory and Cyber-Physical Manufacturing
  • Service-Oriented Manufacturing

Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics for Automation 5.0
Chair(s):  Chin-Yin Huang, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
               Shimon Nof, Purdue University, USA

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics in Distribution and Logistics
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics in Healthcare Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics in Manufacturing
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics in Supply Infrastructure and Networks

Data Analytics for Manufacturing and Logistics
Chair(s):  Xi Gu, Rutgers University, USA

Data Analytics in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Chair(s):  Zhijie Dong, Texas State University, USA

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Sharing Economy
  • Statistical Forecasting

Developing Intelligent Support Systems for Manufacturing
Chair(s): Changqing Cheng, State University of New York at Binghampton, USA

Energy-Efficient Production Scheduling
Chair(s):  Fatih Tasgetiren, Yasar University, Turkey
               Deniz Türsel Eliiyi, Yasar University, Turkey
             Liang Gao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China
           Quan-Ke Pan, Shanghai University, China

Energy Management
Chair(s):  Weiwei Cui, Shanghai University, China
               Fadwa Dababneh, Georgia Southern University, USA

  • DDS for Manufacturing

Factory Infrastructure Cyber Security Assessment
Chair(s):  Dazhong Wu, Central Florida University, USA

  • Monitoring and Control of AMPs

Hybrid Manufacturing System Design/Cellular Manufacturing
Chair(s):  Gursel A. Suer, Ohio University, USA

Industrial Logistics with a Focus on Industry 4.0 and Human Factors
Chair(s):  Daria Battini, University of Padova, Italy
               Prof. Matteo Mario Savino, Univeristy of Sannio, Italy
             Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan

  • Material Handling, Part Feeding Systems and In-House Logistics Systems in General with Reference also to Industry 4.0 Tools/Equipment and Digitalisation
  • Industrial Logistics Systems and Human Factors Analysis
  • Industrial Logistics and Ergonomics Assessment
  • Industrial Logistics System Management Under the Digital Change
  • Sustainable Design of Logistics Systems in MTO and ATO Manufacturing Systems

Innovations in Warehouse Operations
Chair(s):  Manjeet Singh, DHL Supply Chain

Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Smart Manufacturing
Chair(s): Hui Yang, Penn State University, USA
              Satish Bukkapatman, Penn State University, USA

Manufacturing Strategy
Chair(s):  Rob Dekkers, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
              Anthony SF Chiu, De La Salle University, the Philippines

  • Design and Organizational Structures of Manufacturing Systems
  • Empirical Research in Manufacturing Strategy
  • Manufacturing Capabilities and Performance Measurement
  • Manufacturing-Service System
  • Offshoring and Outsourcing
  • Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)
  • Sustainable Production
  • Vendor selection

Manufacturing Sustainability
Chairs(s):  Gokhan Egilmez, New Haven University, USA

New Product Development and Innovation Management
Chair(s):  Rob Dekkers, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
               Gul Kremer, Iowa State University, USA

  • Digital Engineering
  • Lean Product Development
  • Open Collaboration (aka Open Innovation)
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Technology Forecasting and Road Mapping

PMInnova Program: Use Industry 4.0 to Innovate SMEs
Chair(s):  Villa Agostino, 

Semantic Integration and Knowledge Based Systems in Manufacturing
Chair(s):  Dusan Sormaz, Ohio University, USA

  • Expert System Applications
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge-based Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • Machine Learning
  • Ontologies of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems
  • Semantic Web Technologies
  • Standard Development in Manufacturing and Engineering

Seru Production Systems
Chair(s):  Yong Yin, Doshisha University, Japan
               Ikou Kaku, Tokyo City University, Japan

Smart City
Chair(s):  Pedro Palominos, University of Santiago, Chile

Virtual Production and Supply Networks





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