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Dr. Albert Jones







Dr. Albert Jones, Scientific Advisor,
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Presentation Title:  Smart Manufacturing:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


In this presentation, we give a simple definition of smart and argue that manufacturing has always been smart.  We then trace the evolution and the characteristics of smart manufacturing from its beginning a few thousand years ago to its current and likely future states. We also discuss some of the key features of that future and some of research questions that must be addressed before that future becomes a reality


Dr. Albert Jones has spent close to thirty years at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Currently, he is the Scientific Advisor for the Systems Integration Division in the Engineering Lab.  Before this, he managed the Enterprise Systems Group for more than ten years.  The Group focused on supply chain integration, management, and logistics.  Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of the Automated Manufacturing Research Facility at NIST.  Dr. Jones has published more than two dozen journal papers and fifty conference papers.  He is on the Engineering Advisory Boards at Morgan State University and Loyola University.  Before coming to NIST, he held faculty positions at Loyola University and Johns Hopkins University.


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