ICPR25 is
brought to you by
International Foundation for Product Research
International Foundation
for Product Research

Organized by
Missouri University of
Science and Technology
Professional and Continuing Education
216 Centennial Hall
300 West 12th Street
Rolla, MO 65409
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Email: pce@mst.edu

Paper Submission

Paper Submission

Abstract Submission Phase – closed
(contact conference organizers to see if late submission can be accommodated)

Paper Submission
(full-length review paper due – March 15, 2019)

All accepted submissions will undergo full peer-review by international reviewers.  You are expected to submit a full-length review manuscript by the announced deadline. Phases of the complete submission process include:

  •  Full-length Review Manuscript (peer reviewed)
    Notification of acceptance of full acceptance
  • Final Manuscript (document to be published; will have addressed reviewer suggestions other corrections as found)

Paper Template
Use Word template (preferred by publisher). 
Latex template can be provided if necessary

It is recommended that full-length papers for ICPR25 be 6-8 pages in length.  Publisher requirements are minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 pages.

Helpful tips using template –

 Important: Do not edit the template format.  Special “Fields” are included in specific areas for authors to select the field and insert proper information (resulting in appropriate font and size).  Other areas are protected/frozen by Elsevier.


1.  To avoid delays in processing, please do not edit the template’s format.  Page setup should remain as follows.

    Paper:  Custom Size: 7.56 ” x 10.32“ (when uploading, you may receive a warning in the EDAS system stating only (8.5” x 11”) paper size is accepted, please ignore this warning.

    Margins: Top: 0.27”, Bottom: 0.87” Inside: 0.51”, Outside: 0.55”

    Layout:  check both options for header/footer “different odd and even” and “different   first page” .  Header from edge: 0.63”, Footer: 0.87”

 2.  Special fields in header(s)

    First Page – Fields are provided in correct format for paper title, authors and  affiliation/address.
   Please click on each field and replace text.

     Subsequent Pages – Field is provided for Author name
     Please click on field and Insert name of ‘author’ or,
     if co-authors, insert name of ‘lead (corresponding) author, et al’

 3.  Footnote (first page only) – insert information for lead (corresponding) author only. 

 4.  Page Numbers: Do not include individual page numbers.  These will be added when the proceedings volume is produced.

 5.  Copyright Lines: Copyright statements appear on the first page of the template (one in the abstract section and one as a footer).  These are a requirement by Elsevier and may not be removed.


6.  Remove “Nomenclature box” if not used.  To do so “View Navigation Pane”.  Right click on Nomenclature to delete.


Upload Review Manuscript Online – EDAS Conference Services

Please login at http://edas.info/24005.

  1. Click "My...." tab at the top of the page.  
  2. Select "My Papers" from the drop down menu.
  3. Click the Title of the paper you wish to submit
  4. Before uploading your file, please make any necessary corrections previously registered during abstract phase (ex. Paper Title, Abstract, List of Authors).
  5. Next to the "Full Paper Submission", click the upload icon.
  6. Browse for the correct file name and upload your paper.  

System will ONLY ACCEPT papers saved in a .DOC or .DOCX FORMAT.    Contact conference organizers for assistance if Latex was used to generate paper.


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