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August 9-14, 2019  |  Chicago, Il

25th ICPR –
Manufacturing Innovation:

Cyber Physical Manufacturing

ICPR 25 in Chicago will bring together global researchers in manufacturing innovation and cyber physical systems from industry, government and commercial companies’ research labs and academia together to advance the current boundaries of research to a new level of multi-faceted manufacturing systems that entail complex logic with many levels of reasoning in intricate arrangement.  Researchers will share their theory, methods and tools that will allow engineers to manage the increasing complexity in the design and operations of physical manufacturing systems. In the tradition of ICPR/IFPR, related topics of advancing production through research will also be included.

Abstract Solicitation Continues - Submit By Dec. 4, 2018

Over 300 Received to Date

Tracks: (Click here to view details)


General Tracks:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Digital and Cyber Manufacturing
  • Global Economy and Its Impact on Manufacturing Trend
  • Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains

Special Tracks:

  • Additive Manufacturing with Multiple Materials and/or with Sensing Capabilities
  • Additive Manufacturing of Superelastic Alloys and Metals
  •  Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Al and Cyber Physical in Asia
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing
  • Cloud-based Manufacturing and Services
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Informatics for Automation 5.0
  • Data Analytics for Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Data Analytics in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Developing Intelligent Support Systems for Manufacturing

Special Tracks: (continued)

  • Energy Management
  • Energy-Efficient Production Scheduling 
  • Factory Infrastruction Cyber Security Assessment
  • Hybrid Manufacturing System Design/Cellular Manufacturing
  • Industrial Logistics with a Focus on Industry 4.0 and Human Factors
  • Innovations in Warehouse Operations
  • Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Smart Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • Manufacturing Sustainability
  • New Product Development and Innovation Management
  • PMInnova Program: Use Industry 4.0 to Innovate SMEs
  • Semantic Integration and Knowledge Based Systems in Manufacturing
  • Seru Production Systems
  • Smart City
  • Virtual Production and Supply Networks
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