25th ICPR – Manufacturing Innovation: Cyber Physical Manufacturing


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August 10-14, 2019  |  Chicago, Il

25th ICPR –
Manufacturing Innovation:

Cyber Physical Manufacturing

ICPR 25 in Chicago will bring together global researchers in manufacturing innovation and cyber physical systems from industry, government and commercial companies’ research labs and academia together to advance the current boundaries of research to a new level of multi-faceted manufacturing systems that entail complex logic with many levels of reasoning in intricate arrangement.  Researchers will share their theory, methods and tools that will allow engineers to manage the increasing complexity in the design and operations of physical manufacturing systems. In the tradition of ICPR/IFPR, related topics of advancing production through research will also be included.

Abstract Solicitation is Open

Tracks and Topics:

Digital and Cyber-Manufacturing

  • Integrated Design and Manufacturing
    Models with Metrology
  • Plug-and-Play Toolkit for Geometric-Adaptive
  • Model-Based Enterprise Data
    and Infrastructure
  • Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) Tool Integration
  • AVM Technology Development
  • Shop-Floor Augmented Reality
    and Wearable Computing
  • Smart Factory Visibility and
    Real-Time Optimization
  • Cloud Based Manufacturing and Services
  • Factory Infrastructure Cyber-Security
  • Virtually Guided Certification (AA)
  • Operating System for Cyber-Physical
  • Systems Design Using the Digital Thread
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for  
  • Human-Automation Interaction in Manufacturing and Production Systems



Additive Manufacturing

  • Innovative Additive Manufacturing
    Processes (AMPs)
  • Modeling of AMPs
  • Innovative AMPs
  • Design Methods for AMPs
  • Topology Optimization for AMPs
  • AMP materials Design and Microstructures
  • Monitoring and Control of AMPs
  • Qualification of AMPs
  • AMPs Education


Industrial Engineering and  Operations Research

  • Remanufacturing
  • Management and Economics of Production Resources, Systems, and Processes
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Data Analytics in Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Decision Support Systems for Manufacturing
  • Strategies for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Energy Management in Manufacturing
  • Algorithms for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Sensor Deployment for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Bio-Manufacturing

Global Economy and Its Impact on
Manufacturing Trends

  • The Future of Manufacturing Considering
    Global Economic Developments in terms of
    Products, Manufacturing Technologies,
    Demand Profiles, Customer Expectations
  • Global Agreements and Regional Alliances
    and its Impact on Manufacturing 
  • The Global and Regional Trends in Wages and Pricing
  • The Effect of Economic Policies on
    Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Systems and  Supply Chains

  • Integration of Manufacturing System Design
    with Supply Chain/Network Design
  • Hybrid Manufacturing System Design
  • Virtual Production and Supply
  • Developing Intelligent Design and
    Control Systems
  • Cultural Challenges in Global
    Production Systems
  • Educational Programs and Initiatives for Manufacturing Supply Networks

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